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    Prep Time: 20 Min Cook time: 30 Min


    • Dal Nakhod (Chana Dal) CurryPre - cooked. see the recipe in this website
    • Tomato SaucePre - cooked. see the recipe in this website
    • Afghani Mix CurdPre prepared. see the recipe in this website
      1. For For Leek Mixture
    • Leek1 bunch
    • Oil2 tablespoons
    • Saltto taste
      1. For For Dough
    • Flour2 cups some extra f
    • Salt To taste
    • Water3/4 cup


    For Dough Mix all the ingredients and make dough. For Leek Mixture

    1. Wash the leek and cut it into pieces.
    2. Add salt and oil to make the leek mixture.

    For Making the Ashak

    1. Make small ball from dough and flatten to make it thin using rolling pin or machine.
    2. Cut square shape out of dough using knife.
    3. Add little leek mixture in middle of it and close 2 sides to make a triangle shape make sure to seal all around, now take the two straight edges and seal it as shown in picture.
    4. Boil water like you boil for making pasta. OR use a steamer easy and clean to steam Ashak for 5 minutes.
    5. Place the steamed Ashak in a plate then sprinkle some Dal Nakhod Curry.
    6. Then add some Tomato Sauce,then add little little Afghani Mix Curd on it.
    7. Finally  finish it with sprinkling some coriander/cilantro on top and enjoy.

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